How to Repair Fabric Snags

Updated February 21, 2017

Some snags can be repaired or disguised to the point where no one will know you had a snag in your outfit. Other fabrics won't respond well to an attempt at repairing a snag. Depending on the fabric, you may have success at repairing a snag in a sweater using a snag-fixing tool. For a fabric with a tighter weave, such as satin, you can try to fix the snag with a needle.

Pull the fabric on each side of the fabric. Pull gently, stretching out the fabric. This may coax the snagged thread back into its proper spot.

Pull the fabric at the top and bottom of the snag so you can pull it in the opposite direction as before. This will aid in coaxing the thread back into place.

Hold the fabric at the left top of the snag and the right bottom. Pull the fabric gently, trying to coax the thread back into its spot one more time.

Push a sewing needle into the spot where the snag is, with half of the needle sticking out from each side of the fabric.

Turn the fabric inside out, so the back of the fabric is facing you.

Take out the needle, and slide the snag-repair tool into the same spot. Hook it around the thread and pull the tool out, with the snagged thread along with it.

Stop pulling the thread when it becomes taut. If there is enough thread, tie a knot in it. If not, put a tiny amount of clear nail polish on the thread, avoiding getting it on the fabric. This will prevent the thread from going into the front of the fabric.

Hold a sewing needle in your hand like a pencil. Push the needle into the fabric, directly on top of the snagged thread.

Turn the fabric over, and grab the thread that should be sticking out the other side. Remove the needle, and gently pull the thread until it feels taut.

Tie the thread with a knot, if there is enough thread. If not, put a tiny amount of clear nail polish on the thread to prevent it from going to the front of the fabric.

Things You'll Need

  • Snag fixing tool
  • Clear nail polish
  • 2 needles
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