How to Use a Polaroid Land Camera

The Polaroid Land Camera series is camera and processing lab bundled up into one package. You can take a photograph and have a fully developed print in your hands within a few minutes. The Land Camera uses a separate flash bulb strip that plugs into the camera for use in lowlight situations, offering more versatility when taking photographs. The Land Camera uses Polaroid 600 film, which comes in cartridges of ten photographs per cartridge. The camera is very simple to use, and can be mastered in only a few minutes.

Push the flash hood into an upright position. Do this by grasping both sides of the hood and pull it up and slightly back at the same time.

Open the film compartment. With the camera facing you, the button to open the film tray door is on the left-side near the bottom of the camera. Push this button toward you and the tray will automatically open. Slide a film cartridge into the tray. It goes into the tray in only one direction. Push the film tray door closed.

Insert a flash bulb pack into the sockets on the flash hood. The bulb pack fits into the socket only one way to insure proper insertion.

Aim the camera at your subject spaced four to 10 feet away from you. Brace the camera in both hands, use your right index finger to depress the shutter release and take a photograph.

Remove the print from the front of the camera using caution to touch only its wide white border. In two minutes the photograph will be completely developed.

Close the flash hood after removing the bulb flash strip when you are finished taking photographs.


Do not use the flash if gases are present in the air or near substances that can ignite from a spark.

Things You'll Need

  • Polaroid 600 flash bulb strip
  • Polaroid 600 film cartridge
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