How to keep bathwater hot

Updated March 23, 2017

After a long day at the office, there's nothing quite as luxurious as soaking for an hour in a warm bubble bath. Topped with rose petals and bath salts, a bath can make all of your troubles melt away. Unfortunately, speedily cooling bathwater can curb that delightful experience. If you find yourself facing the problem of cold baths, there are several ways you can minimise the discomfort of cold water and maximise the warmth you receive from your bath.

Close the bathroom door. This not only keeps warmth inside the bathroom, but helps keep cold air out that can cause your bathwater to cool too quickly.

Shut the shower curtain to keep warmth inside the bathtub area.

Run a small amount of hot water continuously in the tub. This keeps the rest of the water from cooling fast.

Replace the insulation in your bathroom or spring for more expensive insulation that offers more warmth for your bathroom area.

Purchase a new bathtub that has a built-in water heater. While it is unsafe to install your own heater or to keep an electrical space heater in your bathroom, some bathtubs come with pre-installed heaters designed to keep your water warm and comfortable.

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