How to Lower CK Levels

Updated March 23, 2017

Creatine kinase (CK), also referred to as creatine phosphokinase, is a beneficial enzyme located mostly in the organ tissues of the human body. Normal creatine kinase levels are between 10 to 80 units per litre of blood in females and 17 to 150 units per litre of blood in males. Creatine blood tests can be performed in labs. A high or low creatine blood level may be an indicator of underlying conditions. It's possible to lower creatine levels if they're too high.

Consult your physician about statin-induced myopathy if your lab results show high creatine levels. This is a medical procedure that increase creatine levels slightly in the first few hours after treatment, followed by a dramatic decrease in these levels.

Ask your physician about a beta blocker treatment option for lowering high creatine levels on a long-term basis. Beta blocker treatments are used in the early stages of an increase in creatine kinase levels.

Talk to your physician about not taking diabetes medications temporarily, until creatine levels are in the normal range. These medications may affect creatine levels.


A neurological disorder such as hyper-CKaemia, can show high levels of creatine-kinase. This condition can be detected in a regular neurological examination.

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