How to Fix an Awkward Smile

Updated November 21, 2016

You can take multiple approaches to adjusting your smile. Dental work can alleviate some problems, while self-awareness and confidence can help as well. Unless you are experiencing a problem with dental health, the easiest and cheapest method of fixing an awkward smile may be to embrace your individuality and find happiness with yourself just as you are.

Purchase teeth whitening strips or visit a dentist and request a teeth-bleaching service. If you are displeased with your smile because of yellow teeth, take comfort in the fact that many stains can be lifted with professional procedures or over-the-counter products. Bleaching may need to be repeated after one to three years to maintain results.

Visit an orthodontist and request braces or a retainer. Even adults can benefit from braces, and if your displeasure with your smile is a result of crooked teeth, an orthodontist can help you. Maintain results from braces or help shifting teeth return to a straight position by wearing a clear plastic retainer cast by your orthodontist.

Practice your smile in the mirror. If you are satisfied with the appearance of your teeth, you may be able to adjust your smile at home. Becoming increasingly aware of your facial expressions and mannerisms can help you control the way you smile.

Use a lip moisturiser to improve the appearance of your mouth, if you suffer from chapped lips, as healthy lips can automatically improve the appearance of your smile.

Consider making a dental appointment for enamel reshaping, since the edges of teeth, especially the front teeth, can often become worn or chipped. Your teeth may be straight and white, but a visible chip can lead to dissatisfaction with your smile. Fortunately, dentists can place a cap made from porcelain on a chipped tooth and shave the cap to mimic the shape of an undamaged one.


Take photographs of yourself as you practice different smiles. A photo will help you critique different elements of the way you smile. For example, you can decide whether you prefer to smile with or without your teeth showing in photographs. Focus on the things you like best about yourself, engage in activities at which you excel, and surround yourself with positive people. Feeling good about yourself can manifest in your smile.

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  • Over-the-counter teeth whitening strips
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