How to Set Up a Budgie Cage

Updated February 21, 2017

Budgies are small, sociable birds that make excellent pets even for first-time bird keepers. To ensure that your budgie does well in its new home, set up its cage properly. Budgies, like any other bird, have certain needs for their environment, and meeting those needs ensures a healthier, more secure bird. Set up the cage before you buy the budgie, so you can introduce the bird to its new home immediately.

Set up your budgie's cage. When housing one budgie, the cage should be at least 1 1/2-feet tall, 1 1/2-feet wide and 1 1/2-feet deep, although bigger is always better for a budgie. The bars should also be no more than 1/2-inch apart to prevent the bird's head from getting stuck.

Install a food container and water container. Most cages for birds come with containers for this purpose, but if yours lacks them, purchase containers that clip to the cage bars.

Install wooden perches. Perches give the budgies a place to sit and to fly from. Perches may be installed hanging from the top of the cage, seated on the bottom or hanging from the cage bars. Set up at least two or three perches and place them at different heights through the cage.

Line the bottom of the cage with newspaper. It's readily available and makes an excellent lining. Some cages have removable trays which allow you to clean the bottom of the cage without even opening it.

Strew toys in the cage for the budgie to play with. Some popular budgie toys include blocks and balls. You can make your own from objects you have lying around or you can purchase them from the pet store.

Things You'll Need

  • Cage
  • Food and water containers
  • Perches
  • Newspaper
  • Toys
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