How to Crinkle Fabric

Fabric crinkles can be a stylish effect in a skirt or a scarf. When the crinkled look is your goal, create attractive wrinkles and crinkles in fabric with a simple process that will make them last. The fabric fibres will hold crinkles if you set them with moisture. Once you set the crinkles, they should stay until you get the fabric wet again or iron it.

Saturate the fabric with plain water and squeeze out as much excess moisture as possible with your hands.

Hold the fabric, one narrow end in each hand, and gather it slightly. Begin twisting the two ends in opposite directions to tighten the fabric into a narrow rope.

Continue twisting the fabric until it begins to curl into a ball. Twist until the fabric becomes as tight as possible.

Cut a 15-inch length of string and tie the twisted fabric with the string to hold the twists securely. Place the twisted ball into the sock.

Place the sock in the dryer and set the dryer to low heat. Dry the fabric completely.

Remove the sock from the dryer and take the fabric out of the sock. Untie the string and spread out the fabric. You should see crinkles covering the fabric. The crinkle texture will remain in the fabric.


To crinkle a skirt, hold the skirt by the waist and the hemline and twist in opposite directions until it twists into a ball. Follow the same process to set the crinkles.

Things You'll Need

  • String
  • Scissors
  • Clean sock
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