How to Add a Link Into an Entourage Email Signature

Updated April 17, 2017

The Microsoft Entourage e-mail program enables Apple Mac computer users to access a Microsoft Exchange server for e-mail, calendar, contact management and tasks while working within the Mac operating system. Entourage includes an auto text feature that supports a custom signature that can be formatted in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). Use the HTML formatting feature in Entourage to add a personal or business Web page hyperlink to your auto text signature.

Open a web browser such as Safari or Firefox. Type the URL that you wish to add to the Entourage signature into the address bar near the top of the web browser window. Press the "Enter" key to connect to the Web page.

Open the Entourage program and click the "Tools" item on the menu bar and then click "Signatures."

Find and then double-click the signature to which you are adding a hyperlink. Click the "HTML" icon.

Place the mouse cursor over the icon near the front of the URL in the Web browser address bar. Press and hold down the mouse cursor. Move the mouse cursor to the signature you are editing.

Place the mouse cursor in the signature field where you wish to locate the hyperlink and release the left mouse button.

Click the "File" menu item and click "Save" in the menu that appears.

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