How to Fake a Webcam for Stickam

Updated July 20, 2017

Setting up a fake webcam is a short process that takes just a few minutes. A fake webcam can be used for all sorts of humour, and many people have been pranked by people using programs such as ManyCam, Fake webcam or Video2Webcam. Pranks along these lines usually involve prerecorded videos of celebrities, people doing funny things and other humorous activities. More often than not, people are completely deceived by these videos, often resulting in funny responses and a good laugh.

Open a video as your source in the webcam video program of your choice. Selecting a video is a simple matter of opening the video file in the program with "Open New File" or "Open File."

Adjust the playback so it loops or plays once depending on what you want to do with your fake webcam.

Open your Web browser after you have set the desired settings for your video.

Right-click the screen where your video would normally appear on Stickam. Doing so opens "Adobe Flash Player Settings."

Click the "Camera" menu.

Click the name of your program as it appears in the drop-down menu. Your fake webcam video appears on the screen in place of your real webcam video.


Some webcam video programs have a great selection of effects. Add some to your fake webcam (or real webcam) to make an interesting video stream.

Things You'll Need

  • Webcam video software
  • Video or animation file, such as .gif, .avi, .wmv or .mov
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