How to Sculpt a Face Out of Clay

Make a human face out of clay to use as a decoration by itself or to attach to a doll's head. You can use any type of clay along with a specific method for forming the basic features of a face. Polymer clay and modelling clay come in different colours; so if you use one of these clays, you won't need to paint the basic features of the face later. For earthen clay, you will need to add colours later by glazing.

Roll a ball of clay with a thickness that is a little smaller than the width you want the face to be. Roll one end of the ball between your fingers to form it into a teardrop shape. Flatten the teardrop slightly, and pinch the two long sides together slightly in the middle to form the tops of the cheekbones of the face.

Mold two balls and press them into the face for eyes. Blend the edges of the eyeballs into the surrounding clay, and use the tip of your finger to make a slight indent above the eyeballs. Make two thin "worms" and place them above the eye indents form eyebrows. Blend the edges.

Make a teardrop shape and press the narrower end between the eyes for the nose. Blend the edges down, flatten the bottom of the nose and bring it to a sloping point at the end. Press the tip of a pencil on the sides of the bottom of the nose to form nostrils.

Place a worm shape with a fat centre above the bottom of the face, and blend the edges to form the bottom lip. Press the tip of the pencil into the clay right above the lower lip to form the opening of the mouth. Gently pinch the clay above the opening to form the upper lip.

Blend a ball into the clay below the mouth to form the chin and two more balls below the eyes for the apples of the cheeks. Press the edges of the tips of your fingers into the clay directly above and off to the sides of the cheeks to form the cheek bones. The clay face is ready to be fired, baked or left to dry.

Things You'll Need

  • Clay
  • Pencil
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