How to Hide a Long Neck

Written by alexandra bee | 13/05/2017
How to Hide a Long Neck
A scarf is a versatile tool for disguising a long neck. ( Images)

Some girls yearn for a swanlike neck, others want to hide theirs. If you are in the latter category, minimise the look of your neck with a little cover-up, and by the trick of drawing people's eyes to a piece of jewellery instead of your neck.

Choose sweaters and jerseys with turtlenecks and cowl necks. Select shirts and blouses with high necks and collars. Avoid V-neck clothing, which will elongate your neck.

Wear a scarf wrapped casually around your neck. Experiment with different ways of wrapping and tying the scarf as a fashion accessory, for your best look.

Wear a necklace with a pendant or jewel to draw the attention to the jewellery rather than your neck. Add large earrings as accessories, again to make the jewellery the centre of attention.

Wear your hair down, and shoulder length if possible. Exceptionally long hair, pixie haircuts, and up-dos will all make your neck appear longer.

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