How Can I Stop My Body From Feeling Cold?

Updated March 23, 2017

Are you shivering right now? If so, don't feel bad because there are many reasons your body might be feeling cold. You might be suffering from a virus like the flu or a condition like hypothyroidism. You might be lacking sufficient body weight or you may be anaemic. Or perhaps you're just going through an extra cold winter. Regardless of the reason, you can stop your body from feeling cold via simple, commonly overlooked methods.

Cover yourself in multiple layers, especially when you go outside. Instead of just wearing a sweater and a coat, also add an undershirt, a shirt, a second sweater and perhaps even a second coat.

Avoid sweating. If you want to engage in aerobic exercise, then so do in a warm environment like a gym. Sweating makes you wet, which only makes you more susceptible to feeling cold, even if you're covered in layer after layer of garments.

Eat a healthy meal before you go outside in very cold weather. Food supplies energy and heat to your body, so it's important to not go outside if you're very hungry.

Use accessories like scarfs, mittens and winter boots for extra warmth. Or if you're inside, cover yourself with a thick wool blanket. The benefit of wool is that it provides greater insulation than conventional, cotton-based blankets.

Purchase a quality heater. Radiant heaters provide the most heat, but they also have the highest risk of starting a fire. Ceramic heaters, on the other hand, take much longer to heat a room, but they come with the lowest risk.

Stay in constant motion when waiting outside for a bus. Pacing back and forth or jiggling your feet will keep your blood circulating, which will help your body maintain its temperature.

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