How to Install MediaMonkey on Wine

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have recently made the switch from Windows to Linux, you may find that some of your favourite programs are not compatible with the Linux operating system, such as the MediaMonkey music and audio management software. Wine is a program designed to get Windows programs running on a Linux system. While the results are not always perfect, many versions of MediaMonkey are compatible with Wine and Linux and should allow you to run the program smoothly.

Visit the WineHQ download site in the Resources section to download the binary file for your specific version of Linux. Visit the MediaMonkey site and

download the latest version of the software.

Double-click the downloaded "Wine" file to install it onto your system.

Click "Applications" and choose the "Wine File" entry to open the program. The application will open and display a file browser.

Navigate to the location of the downloaded MediaMonkey file in the file browser window and double-click to launch it. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

Return to the Wine browser window and click the "C:\" icon to view the virtual drive. Double-click the entry for "MediaMonkey" to launch the program.

Launch the program in the future by opening the "Wine File" program and navigating to the location of the MediaMonkey entry.


Check the compatibility of specific versions of MediaMonkey by visiting the MediaMonkey page of WineHQ in the Resources section. This page lists other users' results with the program.

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