How to Replace the Front Window Washer Nozzle on a 2002 Honda CRV

Written by justin cupler | 13/05/2017

The 2002 model year marked the first redesign of Honda's compact SUV, the CR-V. This redesign made the CR-V's body rounder and gave it a more sleek appearance. The 2002 CR-V came fitted with high-end features for a small SUV, such as cruise control, air-conditioning, AM-FM-CD stereo system, power windows and intermittent wipers. Washer fluid spray through two hood-mounted nozzles helped keep the windshield clean on the go. Over time, dust, wax and other debris can clog these nozzles to a point that replacement is the only option.

Open the CR-V's hood and locate the washer fluid hoses running across the underside of the hood. Trace the hose until you locate the failed washer nozzle.

Pull the hose from the nozzle with a slight twisting motion.

Press the locking tabs on the under-hood part of the washer nozzle and push the nozzle upward to free it from the hood. Lower the hood and pull the nozzle completely out of the hood.

Line the new nozzle up with the hole in the hood with the sprayer opening facing toward the windshield. Press the nozzle downward until it snaps into place.

Open the CR-V's hood and press the windshield washer hose back into the under-hood side of the nozzle. Close the CR-V's hood.

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