How to Put on Plastic Baby Pants

Cloth diapering is an economical and environmentally friendly method of keeping your child dry. Putting on a pair of plastic baby pants over the diaper adds an extra layer of protection and prevents most accidental leaking. The method of putting on the plastic pants is simple, once the diaper is in place. Consider having several pairs of plastic pants so that you always have a clean pair to put on your baby.

Place the plastic pants, diaper and diaper wipes next to the changing area before changing the child. Lay the child on a secure, flat surface to put on the diaper and plastic pants.

Slide the plastic pants off the child in the same way you would pull off pants. Inspect the plastic pants to see if they are wet or soiled, which requires washing.

Wipe the child's bottom with a baby wipe or damp washcloth.

Place a diaper on the child and secure it with diaper pins (if you're using a cloth diaper) or with built-in closure tabs (if you're using a disposable diaper).

Slide a clean pair of plastic diaper pants over the feet and halfway up the legs in the same way you would put on underpants. Shimmy the pants over the child's buttocks, or assist the child into a standing position and pull on the plastic pants.


Never leave a child unattended on a changing table or other surface where the child can roll off or fall from.

Things You'll Need

  • Diaper wipes or a damp washcloth
  • Diaper
  • Plastic pants
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