How to Redeem Lost Premium Bonds

A premium bond is a bond issued in the United Kingdom by National Savings and Investments (NS&I). The bond is not a traditional bond, where the investor receives interest over time. It is, instead, more like an investment lottery ticket. Each bond gives you a chance in a monthly drawing to win a million euro or other cash prizes. If you have not won a prize, the bond can be cashed in for a full face value withdrawal.

Write a letter to NS&I stating that you lost your premium bonds and numbers and require replacements.

Include your name and address, as well as any former name, such as a maiden name, that the bonds might be under. Include the number of any other account you hold with NS&I to help them with their search.

Include the approximate amount of the bonds, if known as well as the approximate date of purchase. If you know the bond number, include that as well.

Mail the letter to National Savings and Investments, Glasgow G58 1SB.

Go to the NS&I tracing service website and fill out the required information or download the tracing service form and fill it out. You can also call NS&I and have the form sent to you.

Include your contact information as well as the names under which the bonds are held.

Include any pertinent documentation, such as a death certificate if the bonds belonged to someone who died as well as proof of your relationship to that person.

Find out if you have won a prize once you have the bond numbers. You can do this by logging into the NS&I website with your bond number and a password given to you after you register at the site. In order to check for a prize without logging into the site, you need to enter the bond holder's number, not the bond number, in the "prize checker" website feature.

Print out a bond cash-in form from the website or request one by phone. Include the bank account to which you want the funds deposited as well as the numbers of the bonds you wish to cash in. If you are trying to cash in a deceased person's bonds, specify that on the phone or download the alternative "deceased holder's" bond form on the website.

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