How to install plesk on ubuntu

Updated February 21, 2017

Parallel's Plesk Panel is a comprehensive website-management solution that comes with tools allowing you to build and adjust your website, as well as integrate ads, a storefront and appropriate billing. The Plesk software package is available for Windows and Linux, so you can use it no matter what type of personal computer you have or what kind of server you run. You must install Plesk Panels on the Ubuntu server you use for your website; the installation for the Ubuntu Linux version of the software is simple.

Go to the Parallel website and buy the Plesk Panel. You can choose between leasing it or purchasing it. Add your option to your cart and check out.

Boot Ubuntu on your website's server.

Click on the Ubuntu symbol in the upper left corner of your desktop. Type "terminal" in the field and click on the terminal application.

Enter the following command into the terminal window:

sudo wget -O - | sh

Enter your root password when the terminal directions ask for it and press the "Enter" key.

Open a Web browser and go to the following address:


substituting "domainname" with the domain name of your website. Log in as the administrator using the root login and password of your server.

Type your e-mail address, password and contact information in the fields labelled for the and press the "OK" button.


To configure the panel differently than the default settings, download the installation file from the Parallels website and enter the following command into the terminal window: chmod +x parallels_products_installer_file_name Substitute the name of the file you downloaded for "parallels_products_installer_file_name." Then run the following command: ./parallels_products_installer_file_name Again substitute the name of the file you downloaded and follow the installation instructions.


If you have a server running Windows instead of Ubuntu, you can't use the Linux version of Plesk to manage your desktop; you must use the Windows version of Plesk.

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