How to Use Slurry Mix for Bricks

Updated February 21, 2017

A brick surface has a look all its own. Unfortunately, bare bricks don't go with every decor When you need to provide a cover, whether it's stucco or tile, you need a bonding layer between the brick and the new surface. A slurry mix provides that layer. Once placed over the brick, the slurry provides a thin, level surface you can build upon, laying new tile, stucco or plaster as desired to create the new look you desire.

Clean the brick surface with a pH-neutral cleanser and a scrub brush. Remove any dirt or debris form the surface of the bricks with the brush to avoid interference with the slurry mix. Switch to a concrete degreaser to remove oil from the wall. Rinse the bricks well with clean water to remove the cleanser. Allow the bricks to remain damp for slurry application to avoid having dry bricks leech away moisture from the slurry.

Mix the bonding slurry in a large bucket. Combine the slurry mix with two parts cement, and then add water, mixing with an electric drill containing a paddle bit, until the slurry is smooth with the consistency of thick cake batter.

Brush the slurry over the still damp bricks using a stiff bristled paintbrush. Cover the surface of the bricks completely with the slurry, building up a thin layer of the mix. Apply in two coats, each about a millimetre thick, with the first coat running up and down the surface and the second coat running 90 degrees across the first. The two layers help to provide coverage for the surface without any gaps.

Allow the slurry mix to cure for the length of time recommended by the mix manufacturer. Cover the cured bonding slurry with mortar immediately for best results.


Protect skin, eyes and lungs from the chemicals within the mix and cement by wearing long clothing, safety goggles, a face mask and work gloves at all times during the mixing and application process.

Things You'll Need

  • PH-neutral cleanser
  • Scrub brush
  • Concrete degreaser
  • Slurry mix
  • Bucket
  • Electric drill with paddle bit
  • Stiff bristled paintbrush
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