How to Disable Flowplayer in Firefox

Updated February 21, 2017

Flowplayer is an Internet video viewer/player that you can add to Mozilla Firefox as part of a webpage customisation add-on called "Better YouTube." Better YouTube uses Greasemonkey JavaScripts to alter pages such as YouTube with changes that include displaying YouTube videos via Flowplayer instead of Google's YouTube player. To disable this feature you must make one of two changes to the add-on: turn off the "YouTube Alternate Video Player" option or disable the extension entirely.

Open Mozilla Firefox on your computer.

Go to "Tools" on the Menu bar and then select "Add-ons" from the drop-down menu to open the "Add-ons" window.

Select "Extensions," scroll down to "Better YouTube" and then select it.

Click the "Options" button, click the checked box to the left of "YouTube Alternate Video Player (No Autoplay)" in the box that appears and then the "OK" button to disable the player, but leave the rest of the add-on intact.

Click the "Disable" button under "Better YouTube" if you want to disable the entire add-on and the Flowplayer that it uses instead.


If "Restart Firefox to complete your changes" appears on a yellow bar above the add-ons list, click the "Restart Firefox" button so that the new change takes effect.

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