Fluidmaster Installation Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

The Fluidmaster fill valve is designed by Fluidmaster Incorporated and is meant to be installed inside the back of your toilet. The fill valve is a crucial component inside a toilet because it brings water back to the bowl after each flush. The Fluidmaster fill valve is adjustable from nine to 14 inches and is made of a non-corrosive material so that it will last for a long time. This valve is relatively easy to install, especially if you have a bit of plumbing knowledge.

Turn off the water supply to the toilet tank and disassemble the lock, nut, shank washer and adaptor from the bottom of the new fill valve.

Take off the cone washer from the middle of the shank washer. Put the existing shank washer onto the shank of the new valve. Install the threaded shank of the new valve into the hole at the bottom of the tank.

Examine the height of the new valve. There is a C.L., or critical level, marking on the side of the valve. The marking cannot be less than 1 inch away from the top of the overflow valve, in accordance with plumbing code. If the valve is too high or too low, twist the threaded shank at the bottom of the valve to make the valve go up or down as required.

Install the cone washer, followed by the coupling nut and the water shut-off valve, onto the underside of the tank to hold the valve in place. This applies only to toilets that have metal or copper flared tubing or metal spiral tubing. If you have a plastic supply line, do not use the cone washer.

Tighten the coupling nut by hand when all the washers are in place. Do not over-tighten.

Remove the cap from the overflow pipe if one is present and connect the end of the black tube to the nipple located near the top of the valve. Attach the other end of the tube to the angle adaptor, then attach the adaptor to the top of the overflow pipe.

Remove the cap on the valve and hold a container over the top of the exposed valve. Turn the water supply on and off to clear out dust or sand in the system. Leave the water supply off and then replace the top on the valve.

Turn on the water supply and make sure that the water level is where you want it to be. To do this, squeeze the water adjustment clip and move the float cup up and down.

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