How to cut glass wall tile

Glass tile has similar properties to both ceramic and porcelain tile. All three varieties feature non-porous surfaces that make them ideal for backsplashes, shower stalls and other sites where spills and staining may be an issue. All three types of tile are also hard, brittle and prone to crack, making them challenging to cut. Like ceramic and porcelain tiles, glass tiles require the proper cutting tool.

Hold the glass tile up in the space where it needs to fit, with the back of the tile facing you. If you're cutting tile down for the edge of a wall, for instance, line the tile up with the nearest installed tile, then slide the tile over until it hits the adjacent wall. Mark the backside of the tile at the point where the edge of the installed tile beneath lines up.

Put on work gloves with grippers on the fingers and grasp the tile in your hand. Hold the glass tile against the base of the tile saw so the line you marked is even with the cut mark on the saw base.

Slide the tile saw's blade along the arm so it sits on the far side of the tile, then lower the blade into the rut in the saw base. Pull the blade back toward you with a firm, steady motion to cut through the tile.


Larger power tile saws can also be used to cut glass tile. These machines operate much the same way as a score-and-snap tile saw, but the blade spins like a standard table saw. In most instances, a score-and-snap tile saw will be sufficient for home-based tile jobs.

Things You'll Need

  • Work gloves
  • Score-and-snap tile saw
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