How Do I Upload a Word Document to a Website?

Updated July 20, 2017

Most Microsoft Word documents are small enough to send as e-mail attachments to other people even if they span dozens of pages. Although e-mailing documents serve as a way to upload the document to your e-mail account, other online users cannot publicly access the document. Upload the Word document to a website so you can get a website address of the document for quick sharing. You can then post the link in a public place, such as a blog or forum for other people to download the document. You can also paste the link in e-mails and conversations without the need for attaching the file.

Upload the Microsoft Word document to Windows Live SkyDrive. Windows Live SkyDrive is Microsoft's free online storage solution that comes with Microsoft Office web applications. You can edit any Microsoft Word documents that you uploaded online and optionally download them back to your computer. Microsoft Word 2010 also offers a feature where you can directly upload the Word document to your SkyDrive account without using a Web browser.

Upload your Microsoft Word document to Scribd to get an instant shareable link to that document. Scribd is an online publishing service that lets its members share documents with others. Publicly shared documents show up in Scribd's database so other visitors can find it via its search feature.

Put your Word document on Google Docs so you can share with other users. Google Docs allows multiple viewers to view or edit the document as long as you allow them to. It shows any edits that any online person makes in real-time. Google Docs also saves copies of older versions of the document so you can keep track of the changes.

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