How to Reset a Samsung SGH-E600

Updated April 17, 2017

Powering down the Samsung's SGH-E600 and restarting it, a process known as a soft reset, can sometimes immediately resolve minor electrical or processing issues. When that doesn't work, the next step may be a hard reset, one which restores the phone's settings back to factory default. Resetting the SGH-E600 does not erase data you've added to the phone. A hard reset merely puts the settings back to what they were when the phone was new.

Press the "Menu" soft key.

Press the 6 key to enter the Phone Settings sub-menu.

Press the 9 key to enter the Reset Setting function.

Enter your phone's password. By default, the phone's password is "00000000" (eight zeros).

Press the "OK" soft key.


Your password for the SGH-E600 is not the same as your PIN. A PIN is a number you create to lock out user functions on the phone and prevent unauthorised use. The phone's password is set by the factory and you can change it if you wish to do so. The password protects administrative features of the phone such as those for changing settings and deleting contact lists.,

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