How to Put Tears in Clothing With Photoshop

Updated March 23, 2017

Purchasing clothing with torn designs can be expensive -- unless you know how to create them yourself. If you are a graphic artist and into fashion, you can create a variety of torn designer brushes with Adobe Photoshop and add them to your clothing for a more customised look. Photoshop will allow you to add tears to your favourite jeans and T-shirts.

Launch Photoshop and open a new file. Make a new layer above "Background" under the "Layers" tab at the right of your screen. Click the sixth of the seven icons on the very bottom of the "Layers" tab or palette. Name the layer "brush." Activate the layer and scroll to the "Toolbar" on the left side of your screen and choose the "Brush Tool" (B).

Scroll to the very bottom of the "Toolbar" and click the top box to open the "Foreground" dialogue box. Choose black as a colour. Design a tear design with the brush of your choice. Hold down the "Ctrl" key and click on the "Brush" layer under the "Layers" tab. Your design is now selected. Scroll to "Edit" on the top of your screen and click "Define Brush Preset" and give your brush a new name.

Scroll to the "Brush Tool" on the "Toolbar" on the left of your screen and then scroll to the "Brush" tab on the top of your screen underneath the "Menu" bar. Scroll down until you find your new brush next to the "Brush" tab. Select the three brushes tab to customise your brush. Set your "Shape Dynamics" and "Scattering" effects.

Stroll to "File" and then "Open." Choose the photo with the clothing texture and click "Open." Under the "Layers" tab, double-click the image background to turn it into a layer. Make a new layer, double-click the text on the layer and rename it "ripped." Scroll to the bottom of the "Toolbar" and click the top box to open the "Foreground" dialogue box. Select a white colour and choose your ripped brush tool.

Make a new layer between the clothing texture layer and the "ripped" layer. Call it "holes." Choose a regular round brush and the colour black or the skin colour of the person who is wearing the clothing. Paint in a "hole" beneath the ripped design.

Activate the "ripped" layer. Scroll to "Layer," "Layer Style" and then "Bevel & Emboss." Add an "Inner Bevel" for style and then 2 pixels in size and 4 pixels for soften.

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