How to Tie a Pendant

Make sure your necklace pendant never gets lost by tying it to the cord. There are a few methods you can use to tie the pendant to your necklace string or cord, but the one you need to use depends on the type of pendant you have. For a loop pendant or a flat pendant with large holes in top, a lark's head knot is needed. If the pendant is round with a loop at the top, use the overhand knot.

Line up the ends of the necklace cord to find the centre, which is where the fold is. Slip the folded end through the hole in the top edge of your pendant, or through the pendant if it is one big loop, about 1 inch so you have a loop extending from the pendant. Keep holding the two loose ends together with your other hand.

Hold the two loose ends together and feed them through the 1 inch loop extending from the pendant.

Hold the base of the loop steady with one hand and pull the two loose ends together until the knot tightens around the pendant.

Feed the end of the necklace cord through the loop at the top of the pendant and slide the pendant down to the middle of the cord.

Pinch the two sides of the cord together about 1/4 inch up from the top of the pendant. Make a loop loosely around your finger with both sides of the cord.

Feed both ends of the cord through the loop and pull the ends while you slide the knot down to the top of the pendant. Pinch the base of the knot and pull the two sides of the cord right above it to tighten it.

Things You'll Need

  • Jewellery cord
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