How to Firm the Upper Eyelids

Updated April 17, 2017

As we age, our upper eyelids lose elasticity and firmness. They begin to droop and give the appearance of tiredness, making the face look older and less invigorated. Sagging upper eyelids are an aesthetically unappealing aspect of ageing that affects everyone. The skin around the eyes is especially prone to wrinkles and sagging because it's so delicate and easily dehydrated. Use a moisturising eye cream designed to improve skin elasticity. Look for ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids and vitamins K and C.

Wash your face with warm water and pat dry.

Use eye make-up remover to thoroughly remove any trace of make-up from your eye area.

Put a dime-sized amount of eye cream on your index finger and, with your right eye closed, begin dabbing the cream onto your upper eyelid. Work any excess cream into the outer corners of your eyes -- where wrinkles are also common.

Work the cream into your skin by lightly patting it in using quick, repetitive up and down movements of your index finger. Don't just rub the cream in -- make sure to pat it in until it is absorbed into the skin.

Repeat the steps for the left eye, and allow the cream to fully dry before touching the skin around your eyes. Follow this protocol each night for best results.


Make sure to wash your hands before touching your face -- especially your eye area. Don't use a general make-up remover around your eyes as the skin there is very sensitive. Use only products specifically intended for use around the eye.


Don't choose your eye cream based on how expensive it is, as this is not the only indicator of quality. Research the best eye creams for your skin type and ethnicity.

Things You'll Need

  • Eye firming cream
  • Small towel
  • Eye make-up remover
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