How to Make an Origami Kimono

Updated March 23, 2017

Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into different shapes. This ancient craft requires no glue or scissors in its purest form. All you need is a piece of pre-cut origami paper. Most projects use square paper, but this project uses a pre-cut rectangular piece of paper. Origami projects in varying skill levels are available for anyone to try. Beginners can try this simple Origami kimono on a piece of decorative paper before moving on to more complicated projects.

Cut out a piece of origami paper 3-by-8 inches. Place it wrong side down on the table.

Fold one edge of the paper over on itself by 1/4-inch. Turn over the paper.

Turn down the corners of the same edge of the paper diagonally. Leave a small space in the centre between these folded-down corners.

Fold the opposite edge of the paper onto itself by 1 inch. Turn the paper over.

Fold the edge with the diagonal corners over on itself, so that the top edge is almost touching the opposite edge of the paper. This forms the collar and neck of the Kimono.

Measure inward about 1/4- inch on either side of the open edge of the paper. Fold these two sides of the paper inward diagonally on themselves, starting at these measured points. They should form two isosceles triangle-shaped flaps, but the pointed ends of the triangles are actually flat edges.

Open up each triangular flap and crease the top edges to flatten out the flaps. These form the arms of the Kimono.

Turn over the origami paper.

Fold down the flap of paper which makes up the Kimono arms. Press firmly. Turn the paper back over.

Fold the bottom sides of the isosceles shaped triangle flaps over on themselves to complete the kimono.

Things You'll Need

  • 3-by-8-inch piece of origami paper
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