How to Loop Background Music in Adobe Premiere Pro

Updated July 20, 2017

Premiere Pro has been Adobe's elite video-editing program for almost a decade. The latest Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 package includes seamless Adobe Audition integration, multi-screen video preview, adjustable playback resolution and real-time video effects rendering. You can loop background music within Adobe Premiere Pro by selecting a clip from the Audio Bin and clicking the "Loop" button.

Open the Adobe Premiere Pro application. Click "File" and then choose "Open Project." Navigate the browser window and select the project you want to use.

Double-click the "Audio Bin" folder in upper-left corner of the program. Scroll through the list of available audio tracks. Select the background music file you want to use.

Click the "Loop" button in the left viewing window. The "Loop" button contains an arrow in a rectangular shape. Click the "Play" button to the left of the "Loop" button. The background music will play repeatedly until you press the "Stop" button.

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