How to get rid of chihuahua breath

Updated February 21, 2017

The Chihuahua, also referred to as "purse dog," is a small canine breed originating from Chihuahua, Mexico. This breed comes in various colours and can have a long or short coat that may be spotted or solid. Chihuahuas are very small, and to be considered purebred they cannot weigh more than 2.72 Kilogram. A Chihuahua's breath may smell bad for reasons such as dirty teeth or deteriorated gums, or the bad breath may also stem from smelly food the dog just ate. There are several approaches you can take to get rid of your Chihuahua's bad breath.

Pour water into a bowl, add dog toothpaste to your dog's toothbrush and dip it in the bowl with water to moisten the toothbrush. You can also use nubby-surfaced rubber caps sold for dog's teeth instead of the toothbrush.

Brush your Chihuahua's teeth ensuring that you get between the teeth while brushing the gums. Also, make sure to brush the Chihuahua's back teeth. Make sure to get a toothbrush or nubby-surfaced rubber cap that is small enough to fit your dog's mouth.

Give your dog a dental cleaning bone or chewy. Make sure to get a petite bone or chewy to ensure that your Chihuahua can chew comfortably and so that the bone or chewy really cleans your dog's teeth. Some options include Greenies, DentaGreen and Denta Clean. You can also give your dog hard biscuits that help remove plaque from the dog's teeth

Give your Chihuahua a dog mint when his breath is smelly. The Puppermints Breath Mint is one of the available doggy mint options.

Monitor your Chihuahua when you're outdoors to learn the dog's habits. For instance, your Chihuahua's bad breath may be originating from dirt, bugs or plants he is eating outside. Some foreign items can send a bad smell from the Chihuahua's digestive tract through the mouth.

Avoid giving your dog wet food mixed with dry food, and avoid wetting your Chihuahua's dry food. Mushy food can get stuck between your Chihuahua's teeth and gums; on the other hand, dry food by itself helps clean your dog's teeth.


If you follow any of the aforementioned steps and your Chihuahua still has bad breath, take it to the vet. The dog may have digestive issues. If the Chihuahua's bad breath is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhoea, you definitely need to consult a veterinarian. You Chihuahua may need prescription medications. Brush your Chihuahua's teeth on a regular basis. This will help your dog get used to having his teeth brushed, plus you can use it as a bonding experience.


Don't give your Chihuahua more than the recommended amount of chews, mints or bones. Always follow the serving directions of the product you purchase.

Things You'll Need

  • Toothbrush
  • Dog toothpaste
  • Small bowl
  • Dental cleaning bones
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