How to Block Websites From a Blackberry

Updated March 23, 2017

The BlackBerry operating system does not have a built-in mechanism to block certain types of websites, such as pornography sites, as does Internet Explorer or other browsers on desktop or laptop computers. However, NetDog offers a filtering software specifically for BlackBerry devices that allows you to block certain sites by their URL or domain names. As of the date of publication, the software is available for download for a fee of about £16.

Download the NetDog software to your computer from

Click the ".exe" file you downloaded to launch the installation. Click "Next." Type an administrator password, then retype the password to confirm. Click the "Save" button. You will need the administrator password when opening NetDog in the future.

Plug the BlackBerry device into a free USB port on the computer using the USB connector cable shipped with the device.

Open the NetDog application on the computer. The device registers with the NetDog software. Make any changes you want to the NetDog software on the computer -- the changes will synchronise with the BlackBerry device.

Tick the first check box in the NetDog interface labelled "Use Intelligent Pornographic Contents Filtering Engine."

Click "Block All," if desired. This option allows only websites you specify in the NetDog configuration to be displayed.

Click the "Add" button under the left window in NetDog. A URL input box appears, allowing you to enter a specific URL to block.

Type the URL to block and click "OK." The URL is added to the blocked website list.

Click the "Add" button under the right window in NetDog. A URL input box launches to enter an allowed website.

Type the URL for the allowed website and click "OK." The website is added to the "Great Websites" list. If you put a check mark in the second check box, only the allowed websites will be enabled on the device; if you mark the first check box, the disallowed sites will not be allowed on the BlackBerry.

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