How to change a dailymotion username

Written by colby stream | 13/05/2017
How to change a dailymotion username
Dailymotion is an online video sharing community. (Jupiterimages/ Images)

Dailymotion, a site where users upload and share original videos, associates each specific username with one account and URL for that account profile. For this reason, it doesn't allow you to change your username or login at any time. However, you can create a new login with a different username, then visit your first profile to copy your "Favorites." You may also re-upload your video content to the new username account.

Register a new account with Dailymotion on the register page. Enter the new username that you want. Be sure to choose one you won't need to change in the future, because you'll need to delete that account and create a new one again if you need to. Use a different e-mail than the one associated with the other account. You can change the email address after deleting the first account.

Find the profile of your original account by searching the name or e-mail under the "Community" section. Transfer the content from that profile to your new one by copying the "Favorites" section and following the same people.

Upload your videos, from your hard drive, by clicking "Upload Videos" from the top of the page. Click the "+Upload Video" button and choose the video from your computer that you want to upload. Choose "Send" and insert the appropriate information. Repeat with each video you wish to upload.

Log in to your old profile account. Visit your profile page and click "My Account." Select "Personal info" at the left of the screen and click the delete account link at the bottom of your page. Confirm that you wish to delete by inserting your username and password. This deletes everything on your profile, including videos you uploaded previously.

Log in to your new Dailymotion account. Visit your profile page, click "My Account" and then "Personal Info." Choose "Change email" and insert the email from the old account. Confirm the email change by clicking the link in the email that Dailymotion sends to the new e-mail address.

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