How to Replace the Front Seal of a Washing Machine

Updated February 21, 2017

Front-loading washing machines need washer seals to keep the water safely inside the machine while it runs through the wash cycle. The seal is usually attached to the inside of the washer tub by means of a spring clip. In order to replace the front seal of a washing machine, you'll need to remove the front panel of the washer so that you can get at the tub seal.

Unplug the washing machine from the outlet.

Turn off the water supply for the washing machine. This is typically located at the back of the machine. Rotate the water supply valves to the right on both the hot and cold water supply valves.

Move the machine away from the wall or any obstructions so that you can work behind it. Loosen the screws holding the top of the machine in place with a screwdriver. There is usually one screw in each corner of the machine.

Stand on the front of the machine. Pull the top of the machine toward you. Lift the top of the machine off the cabinet.

Pull out the soap drawer. Loosen the screw or screws on the inside of the cabinet behind where the soap drawer was. Loosen the screws on the right side of the control panel.

Lift the control panel off the front of the machine and lay it across the top of the washer. Don't try to pull the panel out too far, because it is still connected to the electronics inside.

Remove the bottom panel on the washer. This may simply snap out or be held in place with screws.

Open the washer door. Loosen the screws located around the door seal. Pull the entire door panel off the front of the machine.

Lift up the rubber collar around the seal. Locate the spring screw holding the seal in place. Loosen the screw and pull the spring clip off the washer seal.

Pull the seal off of the washing machine drum.

Apply a few drops of dish soap to the collar on the new washing machine seal. Slip the seal into place over the washing machine drum. Secure with the spring clip and the screw.

Replace the front door and panel. Secure with the screws.

Replace the lower panel.

Replace the control panel and secure with the screws. Replace the soap dispenser.

Slide the top of the machine back into place. Secure with the screws.

Turn the water supply back on for the washing machine. Plug the washing machine back in.


The above steps are just a guideline. The instructions for changing the seal in your washing machine may differ. Always follow your manufacturer's instructions.

Things You'll Need

  • Door seal
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Dish soap
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