How to Breed Pied Colored French Bulldogs

Written by ashley black
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How to Breed Pied Colored French Bulldogs
Pied French bulldogs are typically white with splotches of red, brown or black colouring. (Chris Amaral/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

French bulldogs are small companion dogs. They typically have sturdy, compact bodies, square heads with round foreheads and erect, batlike ears. They are energetic, affectionate dogs that love to be pampered and spoiled by their owners. Pied coloured French bulldogs are typically white with splotches of colours on their bodies; these patches of colours are typically red, brown or black. Breeding these dogs should be done conscientiously and with the intent to improve the breed.

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    Choose a male and female French bulldog. The parent dogs should be healthy and fit, with no history of health issues. Look for adult dogs with good temperament as well. The pied colour gene is recessive in French bulldogs, so choose two parent dogs with pied colouring for the best chance of obtaining pied offspring.

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    Watch the female bulldog for signs that she is in heat. Pro oestrus in dogs is indicated by swelling of the vulva accompanied by dark, bloody discharge. In this stage, females will reject the advances of a male dog. Approximately nine days after the onset of pro oestrus, the female enters the oestrus phase, in which discharge decreases and lightens in colour. Once the dog reaches this stage, it's time to breed her.

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    Introduce the dogs to each other. French bulldogs are generally not aggressive; however, maintain supervision at this stage. The dogs should be placed in an enclosed area to prevent either from running away, but they should also have some level of privacy.

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    Breed the dogs at least twice to maximise the probability of pregnancy. A single breeding may not be sufficient. Keep an eye on the dogs during each session to ensure that copulation occurs.

Tips and warnings

  • For best results, choose pied French bulldogs with pedigree history. A pedigree history generally guarantees good health in the parent dogs, which means the puppies will more than likely be healthy and sound as well.
  • Provide proper care for the female dog throughout pregnancy and nursing to ensure the health of the mother and the puppies. Schedule regular vet visits as needed. Take the dog to the vet as soon as she goes into labour. French bulldogs are rarely able to give birth naturally because their heads are disproportionately larger than their shoulders. Your female will probably need to undergo a Cesarean section to have her puppies.

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