How to Do Cornelli Lace in Icing

Texturing your iced cake and dessert creations doesn't take a lot of work when you have the right materials. One way to texture a cake is known as the Cornelli lace technique. Knowing how to make a Cornelli lace texture on your cakes gives you the opportunity to add easy yet intricate designs to any style of cake to jazz up its appearance.

Place a frosted cake on a cake serving platter. It can be frosted with any style of frosting you desire. The frosting should be cooled on the cake.

Fill a piping bag with your choice of royal icing. Choose your favoured tip size.

Aim the piping bag tip about 3 inches from the surface of the frosting on the top centre of the cake. Create a 1-by-1 inch jigsaw-shaped design in the centre.

Create a smaller version of the design you just made, within the centre of it. Work slowly so you don't make a mess with the royal icing.

Aim the tip of the piping bag at an outside corner of the outer design you created. Create another jigsaw design that attaches to it. Repeat this step up to 200 times to cover the entire cake in this intricate lacelike design.


Use a colour of royal icing that contrasts with the frosting that already covers the cake.

Things You'll Need

  • Frosted cake
  • Piping bag with assorted tips
  • Royal icing
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