How to Live in a Motorhome

Updated February 21, 2017

Living in a motorhome isn't for everyone, but if you crave the freedom of life on the open road, it could be for you. Of course, once you make the decision to live mobile, you can't simply pack up your home and go. Living in a motorhome requires you to make personal and legal preparations, like joining a mail-forwarding service or paring down your belongings. After you make all of the arrangements, though, you can hit the road -- along with your kitchen, your bedroom and all of your worldly possessions.

Pare down. When you live in an RV, you simply do not have much space in which to live or store anything. Keep only that which you need, like clothes that you wear often. Digitise whatever you can, like photos, bills and other documents, and switch over from a desktop computer to a smaller and more versatile laptop.

Secure your belongings. When you're driving a motorhome, anything that is not secured -- like clutter on the kitchen counter -- will slide around, fall and make a mess. Keep your things in baskets, bins and drawers. Secure belongings with rope or bungee cords.

Get insurance. Just like a car, your motorhome needs to be insured before you can drive it.

Set up an account with a mail forwarding service. This ensures that you are a legal resident of a particular area, which is crucial for paying taxes and voting.

Take alternative transportation. You may not always feel like driving your RV across town or out to dinner -- load it up with portable transportation like a motor scooter.

Things You'll Need

  • Laptop computer
  • Bungee cords
  • Baskets and bins
  • Small transport, like a scooter
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