How to Make Sand Candy

Updated February 21, 2017

Sand candy resembles sand but is entirely edible, with a sweet and sour flavour kids love. Instead of purchasing sand candy, you can make your own from sugar and drink mix. Powdered drink mix adds a tart flavour to the sugar, and you get to choose the final colour of the candy by mixing in food colouring. For an elaborate presentation, layer different colours of the sand candy in a decorative bottle to make an edible art project.

Divide the sugar evenly into three bowls.

Mix four to six drops of food colouring into each bowl to create three differently coloured 'sands.' Stir the sugar and food colouring to evenly distribute the colouring.

Pour the coloured sugar into three airtight jars, one per colour.

Pour one of the packages of powdered drink mix into each jar of coloured sugar.

Seal the jars and shake to combine the ingredients. Optionally, you can process the contents of each jar in a food processor to create a finer sand candy, if desired. Pulse the mixture in the food processor several times until a fine dust is created.

Let the jars stand, sealed, for one to two days to allow the flavour from the drink mix to infuse with the sugar.

Pour each of the coloured candy sands into a decorative jar or container for serving.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 cups sugar
  • Food colouring
  • 3 airtight jars
  • 3 differently flavoured packages of unsweetened, powdered drink mix
  • Food processor, optional
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