How to Make a Wide-Brim Hat

Updated March 23, 2017

Wide-brim hats are stylish ways to protect your face and eyes from the sun while gardening or at the beach. These hats can be made at home using a variety of different lightweight and colourful materials sewn together with interfacing. The hats can then be embellished by tying ribbons around the crown. Making your own wide-brim hat allows you to personalise the style and create a perfect fit for your summertime hat.

Measure the circumference of your head by wrapping the measuring tape around your head at the place where you want your hat to sit. Find the radius of the circle by dividing the measurement of your head by 3.14 and then dividing that by two. Fold your fabric in half and lay it out on a clean surface. Adjust your compass to the radius you calculated, then trace the outline of the hat onto the folded fabric using the compass and the fabric marker.

Adjust your compass to make a larger circle for the brim of the hat and then trace that circle onto the folded fabric so that it goes around the outside of the smaller circle, creating a rounded strip. Remember, wide-brim hats are wide. Don't be afraid to make a brim of several inches in width.

Measure and mark a strip of folded fabric the length of the circumference of your head, approximately three to four inches in width. Cut the small circle, circular strip and rectangular strip out from the folded fabric. This will give you two of each of the pieces.

Measure, mark and cut the same size small circle, exterior circular strip and rectangular strip from the interfacing.

Sew the two short ends of the strips together to make the circular crown. Do this with both pieces of fabric and the interfacing so you have three pieces of crown.

Pin and sew one of the crown fabric strips to the interfacing brim. Then pin and sew the remaining fabric and interfacing crown to the fabric crown attached to the brim, with the interfacing in between the two fabric pieces.

Pin the two pieces of fabric brim to the brim interfacing that is attached to the crown. One piece of fabric will be on each side of the interfacing. Sew along all the edges of the brim and crown to attach the pieces together, creating a lining.

Sew the two pieces of inner circle fabric together with the interfacing in between them. Pin and sew the inner circle to the top of the crown to form the top of the hat. Apply bias tape around the edges of the brim for finishing.

Things You'll Need

  • Measuring tape
  • Compass
  • Fabric marker
  • 3 yards fabric
  • 2 yards interfacing
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Bias tape
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