How to Make a Secret Hideout Outside

Updated April 17, 2017

A secret hideout is the perfect retreat for any little girl or boy. It's a place they can call their own,and by creating it outside, have their outdoor place to go. This project creates a hut covered on three sides; two by foam board and one by tarp. The hideout will be waterproofed using the tarp and hidden using yard debris as cover. Create the hideout underneath a tree or next to a bush for a more hidden feeling.

Put one tarp on the ground where you'd like the hideout to be and secure it to the ground using six of the tie-down stakes.

Put the two pieces of foam board on top of the tarp and lean them together at a 60-degree angle, creating a hut shape.

Glue the top edge of each piece of foam board where it touches the other and gently press the edges together.

Place the other tarp over the hut, covering one open side of the hut and leaving a few inches of excess tarp over the open side. Secure the tarp to the ground using the remaining six stakes.

Wrap the excess trap around the hut opening toward the inside of the hut and glue the tarp to the underside of the foam board.

Throw the black netting over the hut and secure it with a dab of glue in the centre. The netting does not have to completely cover the hut.

Stick leaves, twigs, bark and other light lawn debris in the netting to camouflage the hideout. Place logs or branches around the base of the hut to mask it.


The foam board should be completely covered by the tarp to prevent it from getting wet. Use only light yard debris, a branch could be too heavy for the support.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 4-feet by 4-feet by 1/2-inch pieces of foam board
  • 2 green 6-feet by 8-feet foot tarps
  • Glue
  • 6yds. black lightweight mesh
  • Yard debris
  • 12 metal tie-down stakes
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