How to Import from Serato to Traktor

Written by seamus islwyn | 13/05/2017
How to Import from Serato to Traktor
Serato and Tractor Scratch both emulate vinyl turntables. ( Images)

Both the Serato and the Native Instruments Traktor Scratch digital DJing systems are capable of creating cue and loop points for songs in your music collection, which you can then use to trigger various sections of songs while DJing. Although similar in concept, the formats that these two programs use for cues and loops are incompatible. If you're switching from Serato to Traktor but don't want to manually re-enter cue and loop points for every track in your collection, use Native Instruments' Traktor conversion utility to import your Serato files into Traktor.

Download the Traktor SSL Database Importer from the Native Instruments website (see Resources). Double-click the downloaded zip file, and then double-click the Traktor SSL Database Importer installer. Follow the prompts to install the conversion utility on your computer.

Click "Database" if you want to convert an entire Serato database to the Traktor format. If you want to convert only one crate of files, click "Crates." Click the "Folder" button to convert a folder containing Serato files.

Click the "..." button, select the file or folder you want to import into Traktor, and click "Open." If you're converting a folder and want to include its subfolders in the conversion, check the box next to "Process Subfolders."

Check the box next to "Overwrite Cues/Loops" if you want to replace all of the data in your Traktor library with the cue points from the Serato files. If not, leave this box unchecked.

Click "Convert" to convert the Serato library to the Traktor format. Click "Continue" when the utility finishes the conversion.

Launch Traktor. If you converted a complete Serato database or a folder, right-click "Track Collection," click "Import Collection," and select the converted database or folder. If you converted a crate, right-click "Playlists," click "Import Playlist," and select the converted crate.

Click "File" if you want to use the file tags embedded in the files themselves; click "Playlist" or "Collection" if you want to use the file tags from the database, folder or crate. Press "Enter" to import the Serato file into Traktor.

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