Origami Stork Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

The word "origami" originated from the Japanese words "oru" and "kami," which mean "to fold" and "paper." Initially, origami was used only for ceremonial and ritualistic purposes, but as paper became more readily available, people everywhere began enjoying the art of paper folding. A traditional origami project is the crane. Some people call it a bird or a stork, but the same steps are used for all three projects -- the crane and the stork are very similar in appearance.

Fold the paper in half. Unfold it, and then fold it in half the other way. Crease well. Fold diagonally and reopen and fold in the other direction. Reopen.

Push diagonal folds in until they touch each other and the paper folds into a smaller square shape. Lay the square flat on the table with the corner that was the centre of the paper in the upper left side. This is point A. The upper right side is point B. The opening on the lower right side is C and the lower left side is D.

Fold D up so that it lies along the imaginary line between A and C, making the point of the new fold at C, not A. Fold B down along the same line. Flip the paper over and repeat, folding D up and B down along the imaginary line between A and C. Crease well. Fold down A and crease. Fold A the other way and crease. Flip A back up.

Open one side of the D and B flaps. Turn the paper so that C is pointing at you. Open one layer of paper and fold up at the crease made by A. Fold the sides B and D in to form an elongated diamond.

Flip over and repeat the previous step with this side of the paper. The split point of the diamond should be pointing at you. Rename all points so that the top is A, the right is B, and the left is D.

Fold the top layer of B and D in so that they meet at the centre line between A and C, with the point being at C. Flip and repeat on the back side.

Fold the top flap B over along the centre to match up with flap D, like turning a page in a book. Flip the whole piece back over and make another book fold.

Fold the skinny part, C, up to meet the top point, A. Flip over and repeat.

Make another book fold, folding B onto D. Flip and fold B onto D again.

Take the two points that are now at A in-between the outer layer of paper. Pull them each out towards B and D, respectively, until you are left with the shape of a crown. Press down the crease along the bottom to get the points to stay in place.

Bend one of the tips, reversing the crease, and press the crease to form the head. Bend down and reverse the crease of the tail closer to the body to make the tail. Fold down the wings.


Always crease well for the best results.

Things You'll Need

  • Square piece of paper
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