How to Insert a CD Into an Acer Netbook

Updated March 23, 2017

Acer Netbooks are designed for ultimate portability through its minimal size. The compactness of this tiny laptop disallows the internal addition of a CD or DVD drive. However, you can still use CDs on your Acer Netbook. The Netbook offers several USB ports, where you can attach an external CD or DVD drive to your Netbook. This addition allows you to play DVDs, audio CDs or recovery discs.

Plug the external USB CD/DVD drive's power cord into a standard wall outlet.

Plug the CD/DVD drive's USB cable into an available USB port. At least one USB port is available on either side of your Netbook. When you plug in the USB cable, Windows 7 will automatically recognise the drive and install any necessary drivers.

Push the eject button on the CD/DVD drive, insert the CD and push the eject button again to close the tray. Windows 7 will automatically read the CD and open an "AutoPlay" window prompting you for appropriate action. Some CD types, such as audio CDs, will automatically play in the appropriate program.

Things You'll Need

  • USB CD/DVD drive
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