How to prevent brewer's yeast bloat

Updated March 23, 2017

A main ingredient in beer brewing recipes, brewer's yeast is often taken as a nutritional supplement because of its high levels of B vitamins, chromium and selenium --- all of which are helpful for people suffering from conditions that affect the nervous system, people with diabetes and vegetarians. The most common side effects of brewer's yeast taken as a dietary supplement include bloating caused by gas, flatulence and an upset stomach. Because of these, brewer's yeast should be avoided if you are prone to intestinal distress.

Start taking brewer's yeast as a nutritional supplement in small amounts. Take no more than 1 tbsp daily for the first week or two.

Increase the amount of brewer's yeast you take gradually after the first two weeks. Increase it by 1/2 tbsp weekly, until you have reached recommended dosage.

Avoid other foods and habits that cause bloat while you begin your brewer's yeast regimen. These include consuming carbonated drinks and fatty foods, chewing gum and smoking cigarettes.


Always consult your health care practitioner before starting a new dietary supplement.

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