How to Put Foil on Burns

Updated July 02, 2018

Burn injuries are caused by fire, chemicals, electricity and friction and vary in severity. First degree burns are the least severe, cause redness and heal relatively quickly. Fourth degree burns are the most severe, burning down to the level of the muscle and bone. Second and third degree burns fall between these extremes. First aid must be immediately administered after a burn occurs. Household items like aluminium foil can be used in the treatment of burns.

Place the burnt area under cool running water for several minutes.

Pat the area dry with a clean towel if the skin is not broken. If the skin is open, gently pat with sterile gauze to absorb the water. Then cover the area with a dry sterile piece of gauze.

Place a piece of aluminium foil over the skin or gauze. Hold in place to absorb heat until the pain subsides. Secure the gauze over the wound with paper tape. If the skin is broken, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to the burn before you apply the gauze to prevent it from sticking to the wound.


If the burn is through your skin, seek medical attention right away.

Things You'll Need

  • Sterile gauze
  • Aluminium foil
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