How to Make a Wolf Finger Puppet

Updated April 17, 2017

Finger puppets are small, simple toys that are easy to make. Children often enjoy toys that look like animals, and wolves are particularly attractive. A child may also find a wolf cute or interesting, because they resemble dogs. Wolves also make good villains for stories; for instance, the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood" has a wolf villain. Making a finger puppet that looks like a wolf is not difficult, and a child can make his or her own finger puppet wolf using felt and glue.

Cut out two rectangles from the felt that are each about 2 inches by 3.5 inches. You may need to adjust this measurement according to the size of the fingers of the person who will be using the finger puppet.

Put the two rectangles together and round the top edge using the scissors.

Glue the top and side edges of the two rectangles together. Do not glue the bottom. Use a small amount of glue or you may accidentally glue too much area together and you won't be able to fit your finger into the puppet.

Cut out three triangles and one thick "S" shape from the felt. Two triangles must be small and the same size; these will be ears. One triangle must be a little larger; this will be the nose. The "S" shape is the tail, which should be thick and taper to a point on one end.

Glue the small "ear" triangles to the top of the puppet. Glue the larger "nose" to about the middle of where you want the "face" to be. Glue the tail to the back of the puppet, attaching the end that isn't tapered.

Glue the googly eyes above the nose where real eyes would be. Glue the miniature pom-pom to the end of the "nose."

Wait for all of the glue to dry completely before use. Drying time will vary depending upon the type and brand.


Make sure that the tail on your wolf is thick or your puppet may be mistaken for a mouse. If you want the puppet to be more three-dimensional, try rolling the "nose" into a cone shape and gluing it on so that it sticks out from the puppet body. Use white felt to add some teeth.

Things You'll Need

  • Grey felt
  • Scissors
  • White glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Miniature black pom-pom
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