How to Tie Wristbands

Updated February 21, 2017

Wristbands are popular accessories, especially among teenagers, and they are available in a variety of designs. Some styles are one-piece bracelets that the wearer can slide on, but others have strings that you can adjust for comfort. With patience and practice, you can put on a wristband with strings by yourself if no one is available to help you.

Place the wristband on a table, and make it straight. Place the wrist of one hand on top of the band.

Pull the left string of the wristband up to the back of your wrist. Pull the right string of the wristband to lie across the other end of the wristband.

Tuck the right string of the band under the left end. Hold the left string with the fingers of the hand on the table. Hold the right string with your free hand.

Pull the right string to make a knot. Continue pulling until the band forms a circle around your wrist. If the band is too tight, place a finger under the knot and wiggle it to create some space. Keep the left string in the hand placed on the table.

Tuck the right string around the left string to form a loop. Pull the right string out through the loop. Continue to pull to create another knot.

Prepare the wristband ahead of time if it is a lace-up version. Pass the lace through the holes, beginning from the top, and finish with the strings hanging loose from the bottom holes. Slide your hand into the wristband, and tie the strings together using the process from Steps 3 to 5.

Things You'll Need

  • Wristband
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