How to Make a V-Neckline Lace Inset

Updated March 23, 2017

Turn your crochet skills and creativity to making a lace inset for a V-neckline blouse or top that plunges too deeply for your comfort. Crocheting a lace inset to the neckline allows you to add needed fabric to the top so you can keep cleavage covered. The lace insert also adds a visually interesting "peek-a-boo" effect. To crochet this inset, you should be able to crochet with thin thread and a steel crochet hook, crochet a double crochet stitch and a speciality stitch ---- the snapdragon stitch.

Crochet a chain stitch consisting of a multiple of 8 + 5 stitches. For this lace insert, crochet 32 chain stitches plus 5 more for 37 chain stitches. Your chain stitches should be loose, allowing you to slide the hook into the stitches easily.

Double crochet (DC) in the fifth chain from the hook for row 1. Repeat from here to the end of the foundation chain. Skip the next three chain stitches and crochet five DC in the next chain stitch. Skip the next three chain stitches, then make one DC, chain one and C into the next chain ---- V stitch made. Place the stitch marker into this side of the fabric, to mark the right side and leave it in this row until you finish crocheting the inset.

Crochet three chain stitches (for the first DC) and turn the work for row 2. Crochet two DC in the first chain-1 space. Skip the next three DC and work a V stitch (DC, chain 1 and a second DC) in the next DC. Repeat from here to the last space of row 2: Make five DC in the next chain-1 space , then skip the next three DC and crochet a V stitch in the next DC. Crochet three DC in the last space.

Chain four chain stitches (for first DC plus a chain 1), then turn the work for row 3. Make a DC in the same stitch. Repeating from this point to the end of the row: Make five DC in next chain-1 space and skip the next three DC. Work a V stitch in the next DC.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 for the remainder of the lace inset. When the fabric measures 4-inches by 5-inches, fasten off and cut the thread. Weave the ends in neatly.


Use any type of crochet thread ---- thick or fine, but stay away from the crochet threads with metallic thread.

Things You'll Need

  • No. 10 crochet thread, colour of your choice
  • Size 1/2.75mm steel crochet hook
  • Stitch marker
  • Scissors
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