How to Get Mozilla Firefox on PS3

Updated February 21, 2017

The PlayStation 3 runs on an operating system called GameOS, made by Sony. Currently, there is no version of Mozilla Firefox made specifically for GameOS. The PS3, however, is able to run other operating systems parallel to GameOS, making it unique among video game consoles. One of the more popular third-party operating systems that can be installed on the PS3 is Yellow Dog Linux. It was designed to work specifically with the PS3 and is free. Yellow Dog comes preinstalled with Mozilla Firefox.

Turn on your PS3 and select the Settings menu. Click on "System Settings," then "Format Utility" and "Format Hard Disk." Click on "Yes." You will be asked how much memory you want to allot to your other OS (Yellow Dog). Allot the majority; for instance, if you have a 350 GB hard drive, allot 300 to Yellow Dog.

Select the "Quick Format" button and click "Yes." Wait for the drive to format, then press "X" on the controller, and the PS3 will reboot.

Download Yellow Dog Linux from the Yellow Dog website. Burn a Yellow Dog Linux Install CD using the files (see Resources for Yellow Dog's system-specific instructions).

Insert the disk into the PS3. Select "Settings," then "System Settings," then "Install Other OS." Confirm the discovery of a file path labelled "/ps3/otheros/otheros.bld" and press "X" on the controller. When installation is finished, select "Settings," then "System Settings," "Default System" and "Other OS." You will be asked if you want to boot the other OS; click "Yes."

Follow the onscreen instructions to boot up, install and log in to Yellow Dog. Firefox is included as the default Web browser for Yellow Dog.


To return to the PS3 GameOS, type "ps3-boot-game-os" into the Yellow Dog boot prompt. To reset your PS3 to its default settings, hold the power button down for five seconds while the power is already on. Yellow Dog will not be erased, but GameOS will be set as the default operating system.

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