How to make an alien face on Facebook

Written by dustin thornton | 13/05/2017

When chatting in Facebook, you can insert textual symbols into your messages to convey humour, emotion or mood. Called emoticons, these textual symbols are widely used in many versions of digital communication. One emoticon that you can insert into Facebook chat is an alien face. Creating an alien face and inserting it into your Facebook chat only requires that you type out the associated symbols and send the message, a simple and straightforward process when using Facebook Chat.

Start your Web browser and navigate to

Sign into your Facebook account by entering your e-mail address and account password into the available fields.

Click the "Chat" bar in the lower right corner of the window to access your online friends. Choose a friend you wish to send a message with an alien face emoticon to.

Click on the friend to open a new window. Type out the following symbols in the message where you want the alien face to appear:


Press "Enter" to send the message. Facebook transforms the symbols to resemble a three-eyed alien face.

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