How to block ultrasurf

Updated March 23, 2017

Ultrasurf is a freeware application that can be downloaded for Internet privacy and security. Commonly used to bypass encryption and firewalls, Ultrasurf gives users the ability to hide their IP address and other online components to make their computer relatively transparent in the virtual world. However, such amenities aren't always used for the right reasons. For example, parents and employers may need to monitor computer activity for safety purposes, and Ultrasurf actually prohibits such actions. Blocking Ultrasurf is probably the best way to maintain control of what's going on with your computer. To block Ultrasurf, you'll need to permanently remove the software from your computer and block the UltraReach Web URL from your computer, as it is the official website domain for Ultrasurf.

Click the "Start" icon on the taskbar. Then, go to "Control Panel."

Select "Programs" in Control Panel. Under Programs, click "Uninstall a Program."

Scroll through the programs list, and click "UltraSurf."

Hit the "Uninstall" button above the Programs' list to begin the removal.

Follow the Ultrasurf removal prompts when the uninstaller application opens to complete the removal. After the manual initiation, Ultrasurf will be permanently removed from the system.

Leave the UltraReach website in the browser.

Open the browser's Tools menu. Then, hit "Internet Options" in the drop-down list of Tools' options.

Go to "Content" on the Internet Options tab menu.

Select "Enable" in the Content menu. Then, go to the "Approved Sites" section in the Content Advisor.

Add the UltraReach URL in the blank text field. Then, choose the "Never" option to indicate that the site should never be accessible in the browser. UltraReach will then be moved to the disapproved sites' list for the browser.

Click "OK" to exit out of the window.

Shut down and restart the Internet browser to update the changes. At this point, UltraReach should not be available for access in the browser.

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