How to create your own beyblade metal fusion

Updated April 17, 2017

Customisable tops, based on the "Beyblade" anime, are released by Hasbro. With interchangeable parts, the various sections allow the user to make their own Metal Fusion Beyblade with defensive or offensive features. Each piece changes the balance, or speed, of the top while fighting in the Beystadium. The Beyblade line also includes online games and videos.

Select a new spin track, performance tip, fusion wheel, energy wheel and face bolt to create your own Beyblade. Each piece changes the movement of the Beyblade and determines the fighting style. The weight of the sections, and where the weight is focused, helps determine if the Beyblade spins longer and faster or slower with more defence.

Determine which spin track characteristic you want to use on your Beyblade. This piece creates the height of the Beyblade. The number after the name of your spin track is the height. Often, this piece has special characteristics, such as added weight for defence or an adjustable height to make changes between battles.

Choose a performance tip based on the force you need. Base your Beyblade movement and attack pattern on the tip. Flat, rubber tips are attack tips. They increase the velocity of the top when it spins towards another Beyblade. Add weight towards the edges of the wheel -- instead of the centre of the wheel -- to increase attack power.

Pick a Beyblade fusion wheel to surround the energy ring on the top. This metal frame protects the Beyblade because it takes the most hits. It's also why the toy is called "Metal Fusion." This piece comes in contact with the opponent's top and it may include ridges or spikes to assist in knocking the other Beyblade out of the battle. A piece with rounded edges is good for defence because it deflects your opponent's blades.

Adding an energy wheel to the Beyblade changes the attack or defence characteristics. The clear wheel determines if the Beyblade performs smash attacks or counterattacks based on whether you add a lighter or heavier weight to the sections. Even minor variations in weight could change the outcome.

Place a face bolt in the centre of all the pieces to hold all the sections together. The assembly tool twists the bolt into place with a click. A loose bolt will cause the top to spin incorrectly and it may fall down during battle. Your Beyblade includes stickers to customise your face bolt.


Players send Beyblades into battle in the Beystadiums using a ripcord launcher. These toys are appropriate for children from ages 8 and older.


You may injure yourself if you try to pick up a spinning Beyblade.

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